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Frequently Asked Questions

District Keystone Elementary Keystone High School

Keystone School District:

1.  What is the enrollment in Keystone School District?
As of 9/30/12 the Elementary has 555 enrolled while the High School has 504 enrolled for a total district enrollment of 1,059.

2.  What is the total annual budget for Keystone School District?
For the Fiscal Year Ended 6/30/13, the annual budget is $14,051,087.

3.  What is the annual tuition cost for students to attend Keystone School District that live outside the boundaries of Keystone?
For 2012-13, the estimated annual elementary tuition cost is $8,622.21 and the annual High School tuition cost is $10,208.65.

4.  What is the total square mileage of the District?
The total square mileage of Keystone School District is approximately 126 square miles and is comprised of 5 townships (Ashland, Beaver, Elk, Licking, Salem) and 3 boroughs (Callensburg, Knox, Shippenville).

5.  How do we determine if a child is eligible for special education services?
The eligibility of a student for special education and related services is based on a comprehensive evaluation process. That process includes considerations of assessments, information based on how well the student understands the curriculum, observation reports by educational professionals, teacher information, information provided by parents, and other relevant information.

Participation in the evaluation process and the determination of whether a student may have a disability and is in need of special education and related services is made by the studentís parents and a team of qualified professionals, which may include:

  • a school administrator, the studentís teacher, or a regular classroom teacher qualified to teach a student of his or her age if the student does not have a regular teacher; or, for a student of less than school age, an individual qualified by the school system to teach a student of his or her age;
  • a special educator; a school system representative;
  • and at least one person qualified to conduct individual diagnostic examinations of children, such as a school psychologist, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, or physical therapist.

6.  What is the average homeowner's School Tax bill for Keystone School District in 2012-13?
The average School Tax bill is $595.13.


Keystone Elementary:

1.  What kind of snack(s) or treat(s) may I send in with my child to share with his/her classmates?
Please consult with your childís teacher prior to sending in classroom snacks.  Further information on the Wellness Policy and Nutritional Guidelines can be accessed on the District website.

2.  Whom should I contact about my childís special dietary needs?
Please contact Mrs. Carol Meier, Food Service Director, at cmeier [at] and Mrs. Petula King, School Nurse, at pking [at]

3.  Can I request changes in transportation throughout the school year?
No.  Due to insurance liability and overcrowding concerns, requests for changes in transportation will not be honored.  If an emergency arises that requires consideration of a one-time change, the building principal must be notified and must approve the change.  An emergency is defined as an unforeseen event that requires a one-time change in routine (i.e. family medical emergency, traffic accident, sudden change in parentís work schedule). 


Keystone High School:

1. What is the Keystone High School Comprehensive Career Plan?
Keystone High School Career Plan utilizes the Choices Explorer to create a career plan during grades 7-12. The link is  For further information contact the High School Guidance Department.

2. What is the process for requesting a transcript?
Graduates of Keystone Jr./Sr. High School may request a transcript by calling the high school guidance office at 814-797-1261 extension 2108.  Please provide your full name (maiden name), the year you graduated, and the college or university you need your transcript sent to.

If you need a transcript for employment purposes, please leave the company name, contact, and address and we will forward your transcript directly to them.

Transcripts are mailed within five school days. There is no charge for a transcript. Official transcripts also can be mailed to the graduate, and unofficial transcripts can be emailed or mailed to the graduate.

3. How can I acquire a copy of my high school diploma?
We do not keep copies of diplomas.  If you need verification of graduation, you could follow the process to request a transcript.  The transcript includes a graduation date on it.


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