Coronavirus (COVID 19) Information

Health and Safety Plan - Version 3 Summary 

COVID-19 Symptomatic K-12 Student/Staff Process Flow 

KSD Covid-19 Operational Update - 8/18/20 

KSD Operational Update for Teaching and Learning - 7/24/20 

KSD Operational Update for Positive COVID-19 Case(s) - 7/24/20 

KSD Operational Update for Returning to School After a Positive Case or Symptoms Associated with COVID-19 - 7/24/20 

KSD Phased Reopening Plan Summary - Version 2

KSD Meal Service 

KSD School Closure Update

COVID 19 Parental Resource  

KSD School Closure Update 4/13/20  

Chip Insurance Information  

Update - PA Schools Closed Until Further Notice  

KSD School Closure Update  

 Knox Ministerium Community Outreach

School Closure 

Update on Response to Coronavirus  

Moratorium on Field Trips

Coronavirus Disease 2019

Created 3/12/20